A site is in pre-construction condition ONLY ONCE,
Document it Now, so you don’t have to Pay for it Later!


How will you protect yourself ?

LawsuiteImage-4Pre Construction Video is your affordable insurance policy for saving your company from high cost litigation.

Contractors are often blamed for preexisting damage to buildings, streets, curbs and sidewalks just because they may require driving heavy equipment along the routes, have equipment capable of causing such damage, and are working in the area.

Liability protection for Project Owners, General Contractor, Project Manager, Municipality or Regulatory Authorities is essential when equipment capable of causing damage to residential streets, curbs, sidewalks, and other surrounding areas is in use. Arbitration and litigation over alleged damage in transportation routes to personal, commercial, and industrial property is completely eliminated when you have rock solidprofessional” third party Pre Construction Video evidence.

Pre/Post and Process Video Documentation

Preempt costly litigation.

High-quality, Pre Construction Videos, Process, Spot, and Post construction videos are the absolute best way to either end or resolve disputes before they escalate into legal action, eliminating arbitration costs and hours of lost construction time.

You could send one of our foremen who owns a camcorder to the jobsite to shoot a pre-construction video but pre and post construction videos produced by a professional” third party is invaluable for defending your company against baseless claims and is the best evidence you can have to defend your company from erroneous claims.

For a relatively small investment, pre and post construction video-recording services, your finished video will defend you against issues that appear after you’re gone, and can save the time and cost of legal tangles,

Having a pre and post construction video provides a clear record of all before and after conditions for resolving post-construction arbitration over property damage as well as protects all stakeholders from complicated litigation, wasting time and money.

Periodic progress videos can keep you up-to-date and able to manage your responsibilities effectively.

Roadways and neighborhoods are never in pristine condition before the project begins. Establishing responsibility for road and property distress at the end of the job can be a long and difficult process without video evidence. But with a small investment in pre-construction and post-construction video surveys, everything is perfectly clear. Our videos can be used in court as evidence if necessary. Most times just having the documentation will prevent frivolous claims eliminating the need to involve the lawyers. No more arguing, no more phone calls, and no more headaches … period!