A site is in pre-construction condition ONLY ONCE – Document it Now, so you don’t have to Pay for it Later!

Construction Documentation

We visit the construction site before your project begins to perform a detailed and thorough video documentation survey. Because we use professional, state-of-the-art equipment, and video stabilizers, for hand-held video the documentation is detailed, clear, organized, and systematic. The videos include the use of various tight, medium, wide and pan shots to capture the entire environment, providing an accurate representation of your construction site. These high resolution images and video documentation can be used as legal evidence, if necessary.

We use the following equipment

  1.  High-resolution, high-definition cameras with three sensor chips ensuring maximum detail and image quality. Video documentation will be available in both HD and SD formats.
  2.  High shutter speeds are used to ensure that every frame is sharp and free of motion blur.
  3.  Special wide-angle lenses are attached when required that stabilize the image and allow more information in the shot when needed.
  4.  Hand held and full body mounted video stabilizers when on foot to produce steady videos and preventing the feeling of being seasick.
  5.  Vehicle-mounted cameras to achieving maximum productivity while recording miles of roadways.