Construction Video Production

KWP provides clients with an independent third-party solution that delivers the most relevant, accurate and comprehensive project information available in the construction industry today.

We deliver “visual as-built” records of construction from beginning to end using exclusive construction photo, & video documentation services. Our operations team is locally based, and can immediately responsive to dynamic conditions and emergency situations on your project. Our state-of-the-art construction video and photography documentation are invaluable for combating a wide variety of construction issues.

We offer a visual documentation technology company that provides photo and video services to the construction industry. Inspection-grade, digital photography is indexed to architectural plans by time and location, preserving a perfect record of every aspect of the project life cycle.

Keep in mind that today’s specifications usually require a video of pre-existing conditions or a progress video to accompany the monthly payment requisition. Also, puts the location that is being documented in context with it’s surroundings.

QUICK FACT: This service can be used by general contractors, project owners, architects, banks, lending institution, suppliers, and sub contractors of all disciplines. A video will document the pre-existing and existing conditions and show the locations of existing conditions

Powerful, Lasting, Documentation

A site is in pre-construction condition ONLY ONCE
Document it Now, so you don’t have to Pay for it Later!

Benefits Of Construction Video

Your video, in visual, written and verbal format is the perfect medium for delivering documentation:
•   Accessible over the life of the liability period
•   Sharable with other parties so that it is always accessible even when personnel and ownership change
•   Requires very minimal storage space

Our methodology captures all stages of construction progress, from groundbreaking through to project completion, via digital photo, and video. The video documentation that we provide before, during, and after construction completion can be used to create your airtight liability documentation.

Construction video can also include all operational trainings that are conducted at commissioning. Your O&M documentation combined with your construction video provides owners and managers a powerful and lasting resource that is readily available.

Construction Video Services are perfect for:
•   Verifying completed phases of work to to get a construction draw
•   Virtual QA/QC meetings
•   Improving communication to identify potential issues before they happen
•   Back checks of materials used
•   Change order verification
•   Solving facilities problems down the road
•   Quickly and easily verifying if a problem is a systemic or isolated issue, without doing destructive verification
•   Monitoring and evaluating progress and site work with greater detail

Litigation Protection
Document it now so you don’t have to pay for it later

Available options:
•  Additional Lighting (standard construction photos are shot with natural lighting)
•   Final architectural interior/exterior photos
•   Panorama Image (180-degree)
•  Aerial/Drone video photography take out can be provided by quote

Construction video documentation is your number one protection against litigation.

Document your project you at every stage to make sure you are covered and protected.
Document it now so you do not have to pay for it later.

How It's Done

We visit the construction site before your project begins to perform a detailed and thorough video documentation survey. We use professional, state-of-the-art equipment, the documentation is detailed, clear, organized, and systematic. The videos include the use of various tight, medium, wide and pan shots to capture the entire environment, providing an accurate representation of your construction site. This high resolution video documentation can be used as legal evidence if necessary.

High-resolution, high-definition cameras with three sensor chips ensuring maximum detail and image quality.
High shutter speeds are used to ensure that every frame is sharp and free of motion blur.
Special wide-angle lenses are attached when required that stabilize the image and allow more information in the shot when needed.
Vehicle-mounted cameras to achieving maximum productivity while recording miles of roadways.

How much does it cost?

Every job is different and conditions vary greatly. It is impossible to video record a several mile shoulder area on a rural road, a stretch of road in a high traffic highway or densely populated residential neighborhood with 100 driveways on both sides of the street for one set unit price. Therefore, the cost of a pre-construction video varies based on the scope of work and the specific assignment. We can discuss your requirements and evaluate, either onsite or by blueprint, the project and then provide a unit price or lump sum proposal usually within 24-48 hours after the project’s complete scope has been defined.

What is included in the purchase price?

*High resolution, time and date stamped, color audio and visual digital video files delivered on a thumb drive along with printed corresponding documenting of the site. Each video is completely narrated with visual reference to the area being video recorded, delivered to the Contractor in a timely manner as specified / required.

The presentation will include the existing conditions of the construction site property and on-site features adjacent to construction site including but not limited to: all fencing, gates, concrete block and wood structures, stair structures, vertical bollards, signs, light poles, existing on-site landscaping, standing water, guard houses, existing parking spaces, concrete curbing, walkways, storm drainage structures (catch basins, visible under drainage pipes, etc), cracked or crumbled concrete, sink holes, damaged mailboxes or signage, electric lines, street, sidewalks, asphalt pavement connections, etc. and all other areas as specified by plans and contractor. Particular emphasis shall be directed to all physical condition of exterior of existing main structure(s), including all existing electrical equipment (Panels, conduits, wires, disconnects, control centers, motors, instrumentation, etc.) In and around site panels walkways, docks, doors, windows, ramps, handrails, vegetation, structures, and other pavements within the project site, along with staging area and all surface features located in and about the designated construction zone as specified by contractor.

*Aerial / Drone photography and video pricing is unique and based upon factors such as, but not limited to, site conditions, complexity of the project, risk to equipment, weather and time, etc. These variability of factors are involved in estimating the cost for a specific job. For each job we will need to review your specific needs and provide you with a written estimate of the total costs.

Are you insured?

Yes, as a professional photography and video production company, we are covered by a comprehensive $1,000,000.00 General Liability and Auto policy to protect our clients. Our Equipment is also insured to protect us in case it is damaged on the project.

Retain Kerrick Williams

When you hire Kerrick Williams Photography, you hire me, “Kerrick Williams”, the owner with more than 20 years of professional experience.

Each pre-construction video assignment is personal to me because it’s my company and my reputation. I personally record the documentation and make certain that the job requirements are met per the client’s specifications.

Having worked for attorneys, I know what you need documented. There are many reasons for utilizing our pre-construction video service to document your construction project. However, I understand that the main purpose and intention of this pre-construction video service is protecting you and your company from false accusations of destruction to private & public property.

Why can’t I just take photos myself, you might ask?

Well……….. you can, but professional third party representation of what the site looked like pre-construction goes a long way in front of a judge.
Professional videos and photos will save thousands of dollars in lawsuits because homeowners rarely proceed past the initial complaint after they see the pre-construction photos and video done by an outside company.

When you find yourself needing independent third party professional construction documentation, call Kerrick Williams Photography.
You will receive high quality service and peace of mind.

Let us take the management of shooting high quality professional photography
that will provide the documentation you need to hold up in the court of law.