A site is in pre-construction condition ONLY ONCE
document it now, so you don’t have to pay for it later !


A direct result of having a “Process Video” is that project managers are able to spot potentially disastrous construction safety violations and called them to the attention of subcontractors and supervisors for immediate action BEFORE someone is hurt or killed. Talk to us today about construction video services in Tampa, FL to:

  • Ensure that you don’t pay for existing damage or damage done by others
  • Avoid backcharges and delay penalties
  • Support change orders from existing conditions
  • Enforces Accountability and Safety
  • Increased transparency in construction
  • Plan access routes
  • Plan on equipment placement, trailers
  • Assure owners and neighbors you’ll protect their property
  • Prevent disputes and resolve them cleanly if they occur
  • Reduce Construction Risk and Boost Productivity
  • Virtual QA/QC meetings
  • Improving communication to identify potential issues before they happen
  • Back checks of materials used or ordered
  • Change order verification
  • Solve facilities problems down the road
  • Quickly and easily verifying if a problem is a systemic or isolated issue,without doing destructive verification
  • Enhance Construction Collaboration
  • Faster mobilization of team members in case of changes or emergencies
  • Earlier/more timely stakeholder involvement in key decisions
  • Fewer drawing revisions
  • More accurate bidding
  • Faster problem solving
  • Improve construction safety compliance
  • Less rework
  • Simplify Construction Documentation
  • Fewer delays
  • Better construction safety
  • Faster compilation of handover material
  • Fewer claims
  • Faster evaluation and resolution of claims
Construction site in Tampa, Florida

Pre construction videos save time and get more accurate bids

Questions come up, and bidders wish they could see the site again. Pre-construction video can help you and your subcontractors:

  • Review conditions without site visits
  • Supplement memory and written notes
  • Fully understand site logistics
  • Plan accurately for labor and materials
  • Fully grasp scope of work
  • Educate stakeholders about challenges and costs

“Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”

More building owners are requesting green building certification, which requires construction documentation of selected building processes. Video can supplement written documentation for LEED certification. It can also be edited and used to for public education to gain a LEED point for Innovation.

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