Retain Kerrick Williams

When you hire Kerrick Williams Photography, you hire me, “Kerrick Williams”,  the owner with more than 20 years of professional experience.

Each pre-construction video assignment is personal to me because it’s my company and my reputation. I personally record  the documentation and make certain that the job requirements are met per the client’s specifications.

Having worked for attorneys, I know what you need documented. There are many reasons for utilizing our pre-construction video service to document your construction project. However, I understand that the main purpose and intention of this pre-construction video service is protecting you and your company from false accusations of destruction to private & public property.

Why can’t I just take photos myself, you might ask?

Well……….. you can, but professional third party representation of what the site looked like pre-construction goes a long way in front of a judge. Professional videos and photos will save thousands of dollars in lawsuits because homeowners rarely proceed past the initial complaint after they see the pre-construction photos and video done by an outside company.

When you find yourself needing independent third party professional construction documentation, call Kerrick Williams Photography.

You will receive high quality service and peace of mind.

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