Construction documentation

A site is in pre-construction condition ONLY ONCE – Document it Now, so you don’t have to Pay for it Later!

Powerful, Lasting, Documentation

Your video, in visual, written and verbal format is the perfect medium for delivering documentation:

  • Accessible over the life of the liability period
  • Sharable with other parties so that it is always accessible even when personnel and ownership change
  • Requires very minimal storage space.

Our methodology captures all stages of construction progress, from groundbreaking through to project completion, via digital photo, and video.

The video documentation that we provide before, during, and after construction completion can be used to create your airtight liability documentation.

  • Base layer
  • Fire and Safety Equipment
  • Ventilation Equipment
  • Heating Systems Equipment
  • Domestic hot WaterEquipment
  • Controls and Security Equipment
  • Emergency Shutoff Equipment
  • Furniture and Fixture Equipment
  • Grounds layer

Construction video can also include all operational trainings that are conducted at commissioning.

Your O&M documentation combined with your construction video provides owners and managers a powerful and lasting resource that is readily available.

Learn more about our documentation process:

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